Doxie Just Wants To Be Home In Bed

Ruler is a Miniature Dachshund living in Australia with his mother – and his warm, comfortable bed. In this adorable canine video shared at, this energetic puppy and his mother are going to get off the lift.


Barely any things feel in a way that is better than laying in bed. Move into bed, pull the covers over your head, and have at it. The best thing of all may be getting back home in the wake of a monotonous day and simply twisting up in bed.

Also, this little Doxie concurs! All the best things occur in bed and all the most exceedingly terrible things can be restored by being sleeping. Breakfast in bed occurs in bed. Stormy mornings are best delighted in under your sheets. Need a decent cry?

Lord’s mother knows precisely what is going to occur, and she has her telephone prepared in light of the fact that King does this everyday!The second the lift entryway slides open, King’s little legs run for the entryway to their condo. He trusts that mother will get up to speed and give him access so he can be brought together with the thing he adores most in their home – his bed! Who realized such little legs could move so quick?!

This little guy wants to live in comfort. His Instagram is brimming with posts of him relaxing in his fluffy minimal blue bed since he wants to invest such a great amount of energy in it! It’s not simply the bed, however. Ruler appears to cherish the gentler things in life.Surrounded by toys and relaxing on covers. Ruler has it made!And when there are no delicate things to sink into close by?

Improvise.His love of delicate things isn’t restricted to simply surfaces he can rest on. Look at how cozy King looks in his fuzzy flannel shirt!And if this picture of King in his pajamas doesn’t make you melt, check your pulse! Completely another story in video:

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