Real Housewives of Dallas Star, D’Andra Simmons, Mourns Loss of Beloved Dog, Dixie

Lamentably, we aren’t generally that fortunate. Genuine Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons is encountering this firsthand. The truth star and money manager lost her child of 12 years, and the most sad part about it, she couldn’t be there in sweet Dixie’s last moments.AD One of the most difficult encounters one can suffer is the loss of their hide infant.


While hard, it is regularly encouraging to have the option to spend your hide kid’s last minutes with them – being there for them as they were consistently there for you.  In an accolade presented on the star’s Instagram, Simmons clarified, “shockingly, we couldn’t be here when she passed, due to being stuck in the tropical storm in Mexico. We were unable to get a plane back ahead of schedule, and we showed up home only a couple hours after she passed around the same time.”

She proceeds to communicate how this profoundly influences her, communicating, “this made meextremely upset as Dixie was my dependable partner and genuinely Mommy’s little dog.”Dixie was really Simmons’ child Simmons and Dixie went through 12 years together, after the star received her and her sister, Gypsy, in 2008.

The Brussels Griffon littermates had a glad existence with Simmons, and sadly, both died this year, with Gypsy passing in late February.Simmons spouted about Dixie’s faithfulness and love for her, stating, “she adored me and she was continually close by.

Dixie was consistently at the secondary passage to welcome me when I returned home from work with her tail swaying and at the front entryway on the off chance that we went out to supper. She dozed close to me for just about 13 years directly close to my ribs, and she was consistently in the seat with me in my home salon when I was getting my hair and cosmetics done.

“Dixie was there for Simmons through the highs and lows “She support me through misfortunes and wins,” Simmons proceeded in her accolade post. She clarified how Dixie was there for her through the passing of her dad, and moreover, was there for her when she had another adoration intrigue. The steady friendship and unrestricted love and backing we get from our hide kids are unequaled, and Dixie’s was no different.Dixie will in every case live on in Simmons’ heart and through esteemed recollections

“I will treasure the recollections I have with Dixie and I will consistently adore her genuinely as she cherished me,” Simmons communicated. “The memories of her special grunting noises, her incessant barking from the front window and her excitement when it came to spending time with me, and helping me taste the delicious recipes I made in the kitchen, will always stir my heart and my tears. I miss her terribly and I will for the rest of my life.” Love and support go out to Simmons through this tough time. As always, let’s be sure to hug our fur babies extra tight and cherish every moment with them. Another story in video:

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