Few Dogs Make Hilarious Attempts at Playing Hide and Seek

These canines are that way. They make a few endeavors at concealing that are diverting!

They may not be so acceptable at covering up however I wager they’re wonderful at seeking.

Hiding under the bed is consistently a work of art! There’s the cover up under the bed, head first…

Wedging between the divider and the bed is a concealing spot that takes things to the following level.Hide and look for is one of my number one games to play with kids. Furthermore, canines love to play the game as well.

There’s consistently that delightful second when you understand the youthful and fuzzy members lack conceal method down right now.

Playing find the stowaway among nature offers numerous new choices…

As long as the foliage, otherwise known as disguise, works.Digging a hole might help.Sometimes the participants get too excited when they are spotted.It’s fun when your dog is the seeker.


This Belgian Malinois knows exactly how to play. Hey, no peeking while counting, Monkey!

Trying to play hide and seek with my dog, but she gets just TOO EXCITED when I spot her lol from aww

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