Cat That Lives With 3 Dogs And Acts Just Like He’s Part Of The Gang

The little catlike feels like he’s actually similar to his canine siblings and he’s not reluctant to act like it either.


Whatever his siblings are doing, Kiki is certainly down for it.

Saki, Ibuki and Hazuki treat Kiki simply like they treat one another, and the flawless, cuddly little group of four is practically inseparable

.Kiki cherishes his siblings Saki, Ibuki and Hazuki and despite the fact that they appear to be somewhat unique from him, he generally has a great deal of fun with them, While his siblings are all Shiba Inus,

Kiki happens to be an American shorthair, however in spite of this, Kiki never feels out of place.

On Instagram, they share charming snaps from their glad life in Japan, and subsequent to looking for while, you nearly overlook that Kiki is somewhat not the same as the remainder of the team.

The little feline just looks so sure about his place in the gathering.Here are some sweet and funny pictures of the lovely gang that are sure to make your day a bit brighter.

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