Crabs Crash Campers’ BBQ To Steal Their Food

Christmas Island Tourism posted about the stealing crabs on Facebook and stated: “It would be ideal if you note that Robber Crabs are ensured

Our naughty burglar crabs stood out as truly newsworthy all around the nation this week when they appeared unannounced at a family BBQ here on Christmas Island.”Campers on a sea shore in

Australia got some unexpected guests to their cookout when many looter crabs dropped in on their gathering. A gathering of Australian families at a campground in Christmas Island, Australia, were grilling when the burglar crabs (additionally called coconut crabs), started to crowd the zone.

Amy Luetich, who was one of the campers, revealed to Daily Mail Australia: said of the experience: “We have stayed outdoors here a couple of times and we have never observed so numerous looter crabs. When we began cooking, they amassed around us. My child tallied 52 of them.” In a meeting with Studio 10, Amy clarified that the smell of the hotdogs pulled in considerably a greater amount of the crabs.

One even scaled the grill! Her child Jacob assumed the assignment of getting the crabs and diverting them to the shrubs. Luckily the campers had set up their shelters from the food region. However, Amy said that one family disclosed to her they “could feel one tapping outwardly of their tent.” Although Robber crabs are viewed as a delicacy in parts of Southeast Asia, they are a secured animal varieties on the island.

The picnickers chose to leave them be and snapped heaps of pictures.Robber crabs can grow quite large in size – up to 9 pounds – and have a great sense of smell! They are known to scavenge for fruits, seeds,

carrion and other edible beach debris. But we’re guessing they couldn’t pass up the chance to grab food “hot off the barbie” as they would say Down Under.

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