Woman’s Dog Spoke ‘English’ & Asked Her For A Favor

She inquires as to whether he needs the window moved down a tad. What occurred next dazed  

  the canine mother and every individual who has seen the video since she posted it on the web. TikTok client and canine mother “lexi.lee01” was spending time with her canine as of late and chose to record her little guy’s shenanigans. Her canine is situated in the secondary lounge of his mother’s vehicle and is eager to see her. Numerous individuals,

including “Lexi” accept the canine says “mmm-well” when she inquires as to whether he needs the window down.”Are you energized? You need the window down a smidgen?” Lexi asks her pooch while he paces to and fro over the rearward sitting arrangement. Out of nowhere the canine appears to communicate in

English, as he unmistakably says “mmm-well” to his staggered mother. Since posting her canine talking video on TikTok, it has circulated around the web and people are astounded by her canine’s vocalizations. A portion of the remarks include:”I swear I heard ‘only a bit’ or ‘yes ma’am,'” one individual expressed.

“I heard ‘ya think?'” another ringed in. “I transcribe for a living and that dog really said ‘just a little,’” a third shared. “Omg so scary,” a fourth said.You can tune in and hear the dog for yourself to decide what he is saying.

Press play on the video below and turn up the volume, too!


not tryna flex but yesterday when i picked my dog up from daycare, she responded to me when i asked if she wanted the window down!! #dog #fyp

♬ original sound – lexi.lee01

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