Woman’s Rescue Pit Bull Steals The Show From TheTalk Show

Throughout the long term, her heart yearned to see the outright abuse looked by Pit Bulls. In the end, she established the Villalobos Rescue Center with the intend to spare this vilified breed.


One of Tia’s most exceptional accomplishments for Pit Bulls has been the Animal Planet show called “Pit Bulls and Parolees”.When it comes to defending discouraged creatures, rescuer Tia Torres is a genuine crusader.

In the wake of enduring a fierce adolescence, Tia discovered comfort in the organization of homeless felines and canines in her neighborhood.

This program has an enormous after as it features a few redemptive accounts of Pit Bulls and ex-convicts restoring one another.

So when Tia got welcome to The Ellen Show to discuss her work, she would not like to botch the chance to show how extraordinary Pit Bulls are!In this video, we see Tia and Ellen having a conversation over the disputable generalizations around Pit Bulls.

Nonetheless, it is one of Tia’s salvage Pit Bulls, Snorkie, who really gets everyone’s attention! 9-year-old Snorkie clearly couldn’t care less about the genuine discussion between the grown-ups by any means, and he entertainingly spends the whole meeting bugging Ellen for treats!

Tia brought Snorkie on the show in hopes of getting him adopted, and the big boy certainly left no stone unturned to win people’s hearts. We are pretty sure this silly sweetheart found his forever home soon after! Watch this video till the end to see Ellen’s benevolent gesture to help the Pit Bulls at Tia’s rescue!

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