Nosy 9-Month Old Pup Gets His Head Stuck In Sofa & Firefighters Are Summoned

The guest announced their canine’s head stalled out in the most irregular location.”The 9-month-old puppy was investigating under a couch when his head got caught,” the police office composed on their Facebook page.

“Hillcrest Fire Company No. 1 helped the little guy and was liberated without injury.

“Firefighters are familiar with accepting gets to assist pets in risk, yet an ongoing call to the Hillcrest Fire Company appeared to be a trick from the start.

Everything began when the Town of Ramapo Fire Department in Ramapo, New York, got a call from a canine in distress. Some canines are known to be habitually lazy people, yet in this current puppy’s case, he was more similar to a lounge chair pioneer.

The whole salvage was recorded and posted on Facebook. A few firemen are seen taking care of the helpless doggy who simply needs to get liberated from the couch. Praise can be heard as the sweet doggo escapes the circumstance.

As the video keeps on rolling, the canine hastens away. Maybe he is apprehensive the furniture will attempt to gobble him up!

The Irfo reminds our readers to always keep an eye on puppies, as they tend to be nosy while exploring the world around them. Thanks to everyone who got involved to free this doggo. Press play on the video below so you can watch the firefighters help the pup out.

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