Owner Leaves Dog, Dog Chases His Car

Stephen Sage Silver happened upon a couple who were currently surrendering their pet close by a street close to Lake Ming. Sage viewed the collaboration between the couple and the dog.When he saw the man consistently hit the canine in the face, with an end goal to move the canine to avoid him, Sage started to scrutinize the man’s actions.

The man and Silver traded words.The great and terrible sides of human conduct was in plain view as of late in Bakersfield, California.The survivor of a couple’s sad and illicit activities was a family pet. An apparently perky canine who confused remorselessness with fondness. Luckily, for the creature, a decent Samaritan happened to appear on the scene.

Understanding that he was seeing creature mercilessness, Silver chose to record a video of what was occurring along the edge of the street.

The deplorable scene that unfurled was of a couple who were currently unloading their previous buddy on the road.The canine looked as though it suspected the man needed to play.

It continued returning to the vehicle, just to be more than once drove away. Silver immediately acknowledged what was happening, however realized he was unable to successfully constrain the man to keep his canine. He communicated his outrage at what he was seeing as the man appeared to seethe that the canine would not simply go away.

He at long last threw the canine into the widely appealing, got over into his vehicle, and he and his traveler left the area.This awful scene could have come about in one more wanderer, hungry creature meandering the roads, or more awful.

Fortunately for the canine, Silver exhibited the sympathy any sensible individual would show by reaching Kern County Animal Services. They showed up on the scene, recovered the canine and returned it to their office. They are looking for a home for the animal.

Silver has since posted his video on Facebook in an attempt to locate the couple who abandoned their dog so that they may face justice for their actions.

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