Meredith Vieira’s 16-year-old dog, Jasper, encountered coyote

At the point when she went to him, she saw his hide was tangled with blood, and he spoke harshly to her — which the sweet canine never does. “So I realized something was up,” she disclosed to Rappaport.With the assistance of cops, Meredith surged Jasper to a close by creature clinic. The veterinary group surveyed the seriousness of his injuries and moved him to an injury unit, where medical procedure spared his life.Meredith Vieira’s canine, Jasper, is a sketchy little survivor.

He was as of late assaulted by a coyote, Meredith told grant winning creature advocate Jill Rappaport in a selective on Pet Life Radio’s “Rappaport to the Rescue” digital recording on June 24. Meredith quickly speculated something wasn’t right when she got back home from a stroll with a companion and Jasper just stood unbendingly, gazing at her. A veterinarian revealed to Meredith that Jasper’s wounds were no doubt from a battle with a coyote and that the 16-year-old canine had endured a messed up jaw, two teeth tore out and profound stabbings, which prompted various staples in his mid-region. “He looks similar to Frankenstein,” she said to Rappaport.When assaulted, Jasper was sunning himself outside in the yard, which is encircled by an electronic fence, and undoubtedly battled to secure his home. Meredith said the veterinarian thinks the little blended variety canine put forth a valiant effort and joked to her,

“Think about the coyote.” The extreme senior canine is unquestionably showing coarseness while mending at home. He wears a little coat to ensure his open injuries and the staples holding him together. His BFF — Meredith’s dark feline, Felipe — remains close by each progression of the way.Jasper’s hunger is acceptable — maybe on the grounds that Meredith is cooking him chicken and rice. “I’m ruining him spoiled,” she told Rappaport.

“He merits it.”Rappaport, host of Animal Planet’s “Canine Bowl” and smash hit creator, worked with Meredith for a long time at TODAY, where Jasper regularly went with his proprietor to the set and the ladies found a mutual profound love of creatures. So she was especially concerned when Meredith enlightened her broadcasting live regarding Jasper’s scratch with a coyote.

“This is an astounding demonstration of endurance,” Rappaport told TODAY. “I don’t know too many Saint Bernards or bull mastiffs that could survive a coyote attack like that. And when you consider that this is a small dog, and let’s not forget 16 years old — what an amazing testament to the heart and soul of this little guy.

”fter Meredith’s scoop on the first episode of “Rappaport to the Rescue,” Rappaport followed up and was delighted when Meredith showed her a video of Jasper running and playing like a happy dog again. Rappaport said Jasper is one example of why people shouldn’t count senior dogs out. She hopes her podcast, like so much of her previous work, will shine a light on “underdogs” like older pets and help lead to adoptions.

“I cannot tell you how many times when you save an animal in the twilight of their lives, they often thrive,” she said. “They will shock and amaze you — how much more life and love and time left they have — because they know they’ve been saved in the nick of time. They’re just wonderful animals

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