Father, 7-year-old child and dog rescued after 48 hours in Mount Hood ravine

A man and his little youngster, close by their canine, were shielded Thursday from a crevasse where the man had been hurt and stuck for more than 48 hours without arrangements, specialists said.


Die down Munro, a 37-year-old Canby occupant, had gone to Kinzel Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest to set up camp on Tuesday.

She determined the rest of the family had gone for a trip, anyway when no one returned by Wednesday morning, she began looking and found their truck at a nearby by trailhead.

Camille Munro called 911 and point by point her them missing.  Munro’s loved one, Camille Munro, shown up that night, anyway found the camp unfilled.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office dispatched an interest and-rescue gathering and with help from other rescue bunches including the Air National Guard, people scoured the distant scene for now for any sign of the youth and her father.Around 6 a.m. Thursday, bunches found the lost climbers, close by their canine Buck, in a gorge.

Peter Munro was harmed and incapable to walk. They were found around 1,200 feet (366 meters) underneath where they had started climbing approximately two days prior. Leila Munro and Buck were both uninjured.

Peter Munro was strapped into a basket and carried to a waiting medical crew and transferred to a hospital, officials said. Leila Munro and Buck were reunited with Camille Munro.

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