A giant bear go shopping in a California grocery store

The most recent locating went ahead Aug. 27, when the shopping bear in Safeway was shot looking around the produce area, as per CBS Los Angeles.

The creature appeared to gauge its choices before eventually leaving with a plastic compartment in its mouth that resembled a cup of yogurtA Safeway in California should consider assigning bears-just shopping hours.

For the second time in about fourteen days, a client has detected a bear in a Lake Tahoe Safeway doing some light shopping for food..

It’s indistinct if it’s a similar bear that was spotted at a similar store on Aug. 18.

This bear at Safeway was seen capturing a sack of Tostitos chips with its mouth and leaving. (Or on the other hand possibly it’s another bear stayed with doing the shopping for food after its flat mate dealt with it seven days sooner!)

No clients were harmed in either occurrence.A shopper named Adina Baidoo spotted the first bear at 9:30 p.m. indulging in the American quarantine pastime of a late night snack run.

“Someone made a high pitched sound that startled me, so I looked up, and it is a good thing because I almost walked into the bear,” she told local TV station KUTV.

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