Cat Owners Have Started Building Cardboard Forts For Their Furry Friends

A significant number of these quaran-patterns appear to be revolved around creatures, which bodes well observing as our hairy little companions are practically our solitary organization nowadays.

This new pattern is about our catlike allies and praises their scandalous love of boxes.

Quarantine is drawing out the imagination in individuals, and there are some new patterns that are springing up online.

People are battling weariness and ruining their kitties at the same time by building superb cardboard fortresses.

Seeing as most felines appear to see themselves as sovereignty, we’re certain these valuable kitties are feeling more than satisfied with this new expansion to their homes.

A portion of these manifestations are so cool we’re starting to wish that we had our own fortifications to play in.

Perhaps we’ll do that next…

In the meantime, check out these fantastic builds in the gallery below!

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