A dog’s eye view of social media

While I am drinking my espresso in my preferred seat, leaning back unwinding, she is doing what I call her popcorn move. She hops and puts her little paws on the finish of the chair, and all I see is her head, at that point she goes down and back up.


It resembles she is playing look a-boo.I have a great deal of companions that affection canines as much as I do. We generally “canine talk” every day and giggle at the amusing shenanigans our canines will do and the things we

figure our canines would state on the off chance that they could talk. I have a yorkie crap who awakens needing to play and heads to sleep needing to play.  What she truly needs is for me to toss her toy for her. This makes me chuckle each time.My other little canine is a talker.

At the point when he is all set to bed, you would do well to be prepared, as well, since he won’t quit backtalking you until you get up and state, “You prepared for bed?” These little critters make us grin and chuckle each day they are with us. They are a piece of our family and we treat them that way. I was on the web this week and went over an article, “World class Daily,” by Rachel Chapman.

She had recorded some quite entertaining inscriptions for your canine’s Instagram that will in a flash make them loling. I figured I would impart a couple to you. “I just met you, and this is insane, yet here’s my squeak toy. Toss it, possibly.” “‘m so paw-fect, love me hide ever.” “I’m prepared to paw-ty.”

“On the off chance that you’ve had a ruff day, I’m here to producer you feel good.” “In some cases they call me ‘Getbackhere.'” “Gracious definitely, that is the spot.” “Hold up a moment… … this isn’t the recreation center.” “I Shih Tzu not.” “I deserve to be on the cover of Vanity Fur.” “I will always woof you.”

“I’ll steal your heart like I steal your side of the bed.” “dUgh, here comes the pup-arazzi again.” If you are looking for a furry friend, and think now is the time to bring that cat or dog into your home, check out the Central Aroostook Humane Society Facebook page for available pets up for adoption. Betsy and her staff have some awesome animals, looking for their “furever” home. Another view in video:


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