When Golden Retriever Sees Owner Hugging Another Dog Becomes Really Jealous

Exhaust Budzyn has his own YouTube channel with loads of fans (2.1 million to be exact). The charming Golden Retriever is continually furnishing us with the best substance, and this next video doesn’t baffle.

The video is inscribed: “We had Tucker’s companion Riley over for the week and Tucker just couldn’t deal with it at whatever point we demonstrated Riley any consideration. This is the manner by which he responds when I give Riley an embrace!”

This delightfully clever video has more than 19 million perspectives, and it’s not hard to perceive any reason why! Exhaust’s envy and possessiveness over his mother is the best thing we’ve seen today.Our pets are accustomed to being our infants, and this can in some cases cause issues when another creature is on the scene. How does your pet respond to you giving another person’s pet consideration?

Do they go off in a mope, or do they get distraught? Or then again do they – like the pooch in this next video – attempt to drive away the other creature and guarantee back your adoration? Possibly your pet couldn’t care less at all on the off chance that you give another creature love.

In any case, the ones that do will in general have the most interesting responses, and we were unable to quit chuckling when we went over the desirous pooch in this next video.

At the point when he saw his proprietor nestling up to his companion Riley, he completely lost it, and the entire comical second is caught on camera for all of us to see.



The video begins with Tucker’s mom cuddling up with his pal, Riley. However, it isn’t long before Tucker pays a visit! The jealous pup instantly wriggles his way in between Riley and his mom, breaking apart their hug. He then snuggles close to his mom as if to say, “This is my human!” Sweet little Riley decides that it’s best to keep the peace, and walks away from Tucker’s mom – leaving Tucker to have all the cuddles in the world.Tucker’s mom decides to repeat the experiment in multiple different locations around the house, and each one has a similar result! She next films herself laying on her bed having another cuddle with Riley. But the minute Tucker finds out about it, he’s quick to jump headfirst between the pair! Once again, poor Riley admits defeat and walks away.Tucker’s mom tries out the experiment one final time on the couch – and you’ve guessed it, as soon as she begins petting Riley, Tucker just can’t help himself and is intent on splitting the pair up. The poor little guy just hates the thought of having to share his mom with someone else!Many people took to the comments to share their love of the video, with one user writing: “Hugging another dog in front of ur dog is like cheating on ur boyfriend while hes standing right next to you.” Someone else added: “Imagine 2 adorable dogs fighting for your affection. I would die.” We have to agree! Tucker’s mom is a very lucky dog mom. Watch the adorable video below.

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