Stuffed Animal Gives Kitten The Confidence He Needs When He’s At The Vet

This little fella had been abandoned given how disheartened his face looked. “It wasn’t just a meow, it was a sad little cry,” said Smart. “He had the whole neighborhood working together to find and trap him. We have one cat already so we weren’t really looking to add another, but it felt like Ponyo was meant for us!” The stars aligned as the Smart family made the firm decision to adopt little Ponyo as their own.

An Unexpected Friendship Blossoms It’s a bit unusual to hear strange sounds in your neighborhood and not raise questions. Samantha Smart and her family happened to hear a weird noise coming from their quiet Florida neighborhood and decided it was time to investigate. The noise turned out to be a meowing sound coming from an adorable kitty.

Welcome to the family Ponyo!Ponyo was given all the love and attention he could ever ask for. The family quickly made his transition a smooth one by accommodating Ponyo with his own living space and provided his very own stuffed pet animal, Dragon!

Smart’s daughter was the one to suggest the idea that the small kitty needed a best friend to give him comfort help him feel protected. Her name isn’t Smart for nothing because it turned out to be a brilliant choice! A buddy to play with was exactly what Ponyo was in need of. “My daughter Violet spent a while picking out the perfect friend for him to sleep with and settled on Dragon,” Smart mentioned. “He sleeps with Dragon every night and spends a lot of his time dragging him around the house!”Best Friends For Life Dragon even gave Ponyo company when it was time to get neutered.

The Smart family figured it would be best to have Dragon around to help keep him calm. Ponyo timidly hugged behind his companion as he was a bit scared of his surroundings. The family took him to Operation Catnip or the operation. The staff couldn’t help but notice the kitty’s behavior and immediately were touched by the sight. “When Ponyo arrived at the clinic, he was very nervous,” Melissa Jenkins of Operation Catnip told The Dodo.

“We all noticed his sweet dragon friend in the carrier with him, so we put the dragon in the kennel with him. Ponyo hid behind the dragon at first and clearly took comfort in it.”All the members of the clinic couldn’t help but notice such an adorable relationship. In fact, everyone agreed it was best not to separate the two since the poor kitty seemed to rely on Dragon for stability. “We thought it would be really great to send the dragon on the same journey through the clinic as Ponyo, so we had fun giving the dragon the identical services,” Jenkins said.

Dragon was there to accompany Ponyo every step of the way. From his initial strip to the clinic, through the surgery, and even when he rose after his surgery. His loyal companion made sure his buddy always felt at ease.“As Ponyo was waking up from anesthesia, he meowed and was understandably confused, so we made sure his dragon was close by to offer him some comfort,” Jenkins mentioned.

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