Florida Surfer Avoids Three Sharks While Testing Out GoPro

She had a good time with it out in New Smyrna Beach to check the nature of the camera and she stumbled over three sharks in the water… YIKES!Luckily, Baldwin is a specialist. She’s been surfing since she was five! She had the option to remain quiet and securely move her surfboard around the maritime predators.


“I was holding it and afterward I sort of observed that first shark off to one side so you can find in the video, I kind of slice back to one side,” Baldwin revealed to Fox 35 Orlando. In the wake of evading shark #1, another shark appeared!Floridian surfer Lindsey Baldwin was simply attempting to try out her old GoPro…

Baldwin’s three-year-old girl was simply beginning to get into surfing, and Baldwin needed to ensure her old GoPro worked so she could utilize it to catch recordings of her daughter getting a few waves. So she practiced appropriate social-separating manners and slice back to one side, giving the shark wide billet. And afterward shark #3 showed up! This shark was the greatest of the little gathering. Baldwin stayed away and continued riding the wave to shore.

This was just the primary flood of her excursion. She went out again right a while later! Baldwin was totally unshaken by her experience. The sea shore gets a great deal of sharks this season. “We see them a great deal when the water temperature changes, which the water’s been so warm, and we’re simply beginning to get that hink of cooler water moving hin due to the upwelling, so I imagine that is somewhat why they were directly on signal,” Baldwin said. We’re simply happy she didn’t have her three-year-old little girl with her! Little Baldwin will have sufficient opportunity to play with sharks later on when she gets somewhat more seasoned.

In the meantime, Lindsey Baldwin wants to replace her GoPro so she can capture better quality videos.

So what do you do if you see a shark at the beach? Sharks are pretty scary, especially if you aren’t experienced with them the way Baldwin is. Random shark encounters make for excellent vacation stories, but you need to get back safely in order to tell it! Here are a few tips you can remember during an encounter that will keep you safe when you’re near a shark. 1) Stay calm This seems pretty obvious, but it’s probably the most important tip to keep in mind.

Remember that you are not a fish, and therefore are not Shark Bait.2) Don’t splash Splashing makes you look like a distressed animal and attracts unwanted attention to you. So keep you splashing to a minimum as you move away from the big guy.3) Get to safety While remaining calm and avoiding large splashes, move towards the shore. Keep the shark in your line of sight as you do so. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t accidentally swim towards the danger if it starts moving around. When you get back safely, it’s time to celebrate! Congrats! You just saw a wild shark, that’s pretty cool!

You now have a fun vacation story and you tested out your survival skills. You’ll earn some cool points with your friends and family and you may even get interviewed for Shark Week.

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