Finally, a Televised Dog Show Just For Rescue Dogs

Picture this scene: the Westminster Dog Show is on TV, and your sweet salvage hound gazes contemplatively toward the screen. He knows, where it counts, that he could be a star as well—yet he’s a mutt, and thusly not qualified to partake.     

Nearby, the neighbor hound is a wonderful thoroughbred Golden Retriever salvage—yet as an uncommon needs little guy in a wheelchair, she can’t contend either. Enter the 2018 American Rescue Dog Show!

Perceiving that these pooches are similarly as delightful and loveable as all the canines on the Westminster Dog Show, Producer Michael Levitt and his group made a program to grandstand salvage hounds. The objective of the show is to give a stage to get help destitute canines get saved.

Debuting Monday, February nineteenth on the Hallmark Channel (8/7c), the 2018 American Rescue Dog Show will have an organization like the Westminster Dog Show, however will star members that are safeguarded instead of reproduced. While some pooch shows may pass judgment on their members on bloodlines, the 2018 American Rescue Dog Show incorporates profoundly serious classifications that incorporate “Best in Wiggle Butt,” “Best in Couch Potato,” “Best in Underbite,” “Best in Kissing,” “Best in Talking,”

“Best in Listening,” “Best in Snoring,” “Best in Fetching,” “Best in Special Needs,” and “Best in Senior Dog.” At the show’s decision, the entirety of the finalists go head to head to vie for the title of “Best in Rescue.” The main prerequisite to take an interest is that salvages are fixed or neutered.

Rescues that success every semi-last classification will get a $5,000 award, granted to the salvage association or society that spared them. With respect to the general champ, the person in question will win a $25,000 award for their salvage kindness of the Petco Foundation. As though this wasn’t sufficiently endearing, the 2018 American Rescue Dog Show likewise gives the chance to presently unadopted salvages to discover homes.

Partnering with, the American Rescue Dog Show provides viewers with the opportunity to locate adoptable rescues within their own communities. Recognizing rescues for the awesome dogs they are and helping pups to find their forever homes… what could be more perfect than that?

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