Puppy Is An Internet Hit, Looks like Cookie And Dessert

Take one look at this Chow-Chow dog named Chief and you’ll understand why he’s such a special pup.

Otherwise called Oreo Cloud, the cushioned canine earned the epithet since his human, Sara Hamilton, thought his dull dim spotted coat resembled an Oreo McFlurry dessert.

Yet, beside his attractive features, he’s additionally a genuine treat to be near and has been making his pawrents’ lives more splendid since the time they received him.

While Oreo Cloud is absolutely a paramount moniker for the puppy, Chief is a fitting name for his size and disposition.

On account of his Chow-Chow breed attributes, Chief will develop to be around 85 pounds and as of now has the character of a pioneer who is a brisk student.

He was potty prepared at about two months and is a characteristic defender who rests by the fundamental entryway of their home each night. Boss is as yet youthful and, until further notice, he’s charming a huge number of individuals through his Instagram account, @theoreocloud.

When he’s prepared, in any case, his cute cushion will carry euphoria to the individuals who need it most as a treatment hound for wiped out kids. Meet Chief, otherwise known as Oreo Cloud, a fleecy Chow-Chow doggy who seems as though treats and cream ice cream.

Chief is a stunning Chow-Chow pup whose “Treats and Cream” shaded hide has caused him to circulate around the web under the moniker “Oreo Cloud.” His fantastically feathery hide is white with darker patches, which causes him to take after a sweet and soft Oreo frozen yogurt.

Boss is a “merle” Chow; that is, a Chow with a mottled hide example, and his exceptional look made him famous on the web, and he presently has about 50 thousand adherents on Instagram.

We’ve chosen a couple of additional sweet pics for you, and we trust you appreciate this cool puppy as much as we do.

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