People Can Do A Lot Of Strong Things, Man Walks The Entire World With His Dog After His Friend Passed Away

There are a few things that life shows us just through experience. Unfortunately, a considerable lot of those exercises are all around terrible to learn and regularly stay with us for the remainder of our lives. Tom Turcich learned one of those exercises when his companion, Ann Marie, died when she was seventeen. Through the agony of the misfortune, he concluded that he would live in an unexpected way.

Like just harsh times can, Tom had a profound disclosure that shook him deeply. After his young companion passed, his perspective on the world expected to change: “Her demise pulverized my suspicions about existence,” he composed. “Realizing I could pass on at any second, I expected to assemble another way of thinking.” Knowing his time on Earth could be spent better, he built up an arrangement.

Tom was prepared to fundamentally alter his life after his heart change. He set his brain and heart on another objective: strolling the whole world. Tom vowed to stroll on each landmass on the planet. His unique arrangement made them do only it. In 2015, Tom left New Jersey and jumped on the path.

After saving up for eight years, his journey had finally begun. Beginning his “world walk,” he started south. Upon reaching the U.S./Mexico border, things took a different turn than he was expecting. Despite his plan for walking the entire world alone, fate had a different idea.

One day in Austin, Texas, Tom ran into a wanderer little dog. While not so much experiencing passionate feelings for the canine, he figured it may be significant for him as insurance when we strolled through Mexico. “I was trusting she would give some assurance, however in the wake of intersection Mexico together, which was a tornado for me and fundamentally where Savannah grew up, I understood the amount she intended to me,” he said. From defender to a companion, Savannah involved increasingly more of Tom’s heart.

As only a dog could, Savannah began to weave her little way into the heart of her owner. Originally owned as simple protection, she soon became a close friend and travel buddy. The plan is to walk 25,000 total miles across all seven continents.

Currently, Tom and Savanah have covered almost 70% of their journey, sitting at 16,500 miles. Together, they have seen thirty-seven countries and been to six continents! The duo uses ferries and planes to travel between oceans and bodies of water. Walking 18-24 miles a day, they really cover some ground!The plan for Tom and Savannah is to walk between 18 and 24 miles a day, traveling through different environments and countries. They camp at night and Savannah keeps watch!

The first year they set off, North America was the land they conquered together. After their first year, they continued south and walked through most of South America. After that, Tom visited Antarctica but Savannah wasn’t able to go on that trip! In years three and four they went through Europe and Africa. All that remains is Asia and Australia! With the COVID-19 crisis, their journey had to pause.

Tom found a great way to honor Ann Marie as he traveled throughout the world. For each mile he and Savannah walk, people donate a certain amount!

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