Bored Puppy Does Not Have Anything To Do At Home, Figures Out Crafty Way To Extend Pool Time

It’s so unusual, the image of a “standing” dog is hilariously jarring. That’s what Reddit user @pavi92, aka Kristine Briggs, thought at least when she took a picture of her Goldendoodle Cassidy.Cassidy absolutely adores swimming.

She even plays a water game with her favorite toy.Start of the article: Will it ever not be funny seeing dogs do things that make them look like people?That is to say, it’s the entire purpose behind the doggie dress industry.

Since they’re quadrupedal animals, hounds remaining on two legs starts a few snickers. She’ll smack the toy as far into the center of the pool as could be expected under the circumstances and afterward pursue it.

This game never gets old to her. Be that as it may, it does every so often stop when her toy gets held up in the pool’s skimmer. That is normally when somebody needs to head toward get the toy for her. Briggs disclosed to The Dodo Cassidy’s capacity to step water for such a long time while hanging tight for her toy to be safeguarded intrigued her one day.

At that point after looking into it further, Briggs acknowledged Cassidy found a loophole.”One time, the pool toy went into the skimmer space as an afterthought. She swam over and was floating all around the skimmer searching for her toy. I thought she was stepping water.” But when Briggs strolled over to recover the stuck toy, she understood Cassidy was not stepping water.

Cassidy was playing individuals! The pooch had found she could return her paws on the pool floor as opposed to flopping while waiting.”When I escaped the pool to get her toy, I saw she was really standing. Excessively clever. She looked to some degree absurd and we snickered and giggled.” Funny doesn’t cover it.

Cassidy, remaining in the pool, looks so unassuming and sad. Her paws collapsed inwards as though she’s asking. If it’s not too much trouble sir, her toy is extremely stuck! As indicated by Briggs, Cassidy despite everything likes to swim when she’s in the pool, however you gotta do what you gotta do when your toy is in limbo, and your legs are drained.

“She will possibly stand if her toy is caught in the skimmer and she will remain there sitting tight for us to recover it.” Even if this is a rare activity for Cassidy, I’m happy it was deified on film. Littler doggies: don’t attempt this move at home! Another story in video:

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