Cat Likes To Play Games, So Cat Outsmarts Dog By Locking Him Up Upstairs

This cat’s moves are so clever that it leaves no doubt in our minds that this cat knows exactly what he’s doing.

The hilarious video was shared onto Twitter and we can’t stop watching it!

The video was shared by Mango Angelo with the caption

‘My cat just locked up my dog lmfaooooo,’ and quickly went viral with a staggering 8 million views and 798,000 thousand likes, making the cunning cat somewhat

of a celebrity.Start of the article: Felines are notable for their general shrewd characters and their prosperity with regards to outmaneuvering different creatures. A connection between a feline and a canine consistently is by all accounts somewhat unequal — regardless of how enormous and alarming looking the pooch is, the feline is essentially consistently the chief. We’ve seen a lot of recordings

of felines outmaneuvering hounds previously, however nothing very like this one. We start by observing the sibling and sister play battling. The canine puts his face near the feline while she more than once attempts to swipe him with her paw. Nonetheless, the feline before long concludes that she’s had enough of playing senseless games, and she places her arrangement into action.

Step one of the arrangement is to step through the braces in the wooden fence so the pooch will follow her inside. This progression is effectively finished as, anxious to continue playing, the cleverness kitty’s

clueless sibling strolls through the open entryway and into the pen. When he enters the pen, the feline takes her risk and shuts the door to the pen with her paw, catching the pooch inside. She at that point presses back through the braces in the fence and trusts that the canine will understand what’s happened.

It doesn’t take long for the poor pooch to understand that he’s been outmaneuvered. He gazes first at the entryway and afterward at his sister who sits priggishly outwardly of the pen, watching him. The feline is certainly saying, “Attempt to irritate me now, I challenge you.”

The video is so hilarious that we could watch it all day, and people took to the comments to agree. One user wrote, “AND (the cat) had the nerve to make the dog think it was a game… got the dog running in

excited like ‘now what pal??!??’ And the cat is like ‘that’s it k bye.’” Another user commented, “The fact that the cat planned it then watched the dog afterwards is sending me.” Someone else simply said, “This is why cats are the greatest.” This isn’t the only time a cat has outsmarted a dog! Check out this hilarious video that we found on YouTube.

The dog is chasing a cat around the field, but in one stealthy movement the cat climbs up a tree, leaving the poor unsuspecting dog to carry on running! He clearly has no idea where the cat has just disappeared to.

Another video shows some kittens hiding under a couch as some dogs wander around looking hilariously confused every time they disappear.


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