Shelter Dog Who Waited 15 years to Get Adopted Finally Finds Forever Home

This story appears, it’s never past the point where it is possible to locate a home! A canine named Chip showed up at Save-a-Pet Shelter when he was only 7 weeks old. Chip went through 15 years living at the asylum in

Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He was all around took care of and very much adored by cover staff through all the long periods of his stay.But when one of the sanctuary’s supporters found out about

Chip and his bombing wellbeing, she presented a request on Facebook to check whether she could discover a family to take him home: “The little pooch in the appended photograph is Chip and he is 15 years of age. Chip was taken to Save a Pet in Greenbushes when he was a multi week old little dog. Today, after 15 years Chip is still at Save a Pet. Chip has NEVER had a home, NEVER had a family to adore and esteem him… ”

“His ENTIRE life has been spent… at a no-execute cover here in Port Elizabeth. I can’t consider anything more awful than to pass on having consumed your ENTIRE time on earth in a creature cover. … he is path happier that a huge number of different mutts out there yet it is simply so pitiful that he will bite the dust never at any point having had the experience of life in a home. “Chip likely doesn’t have any longer to live, he has a skin issue, he has issues with his vision and I realize I am asking a ton – really I am requesting a marvel (however

I trust in wonders). I am requesting somebody who might be listening to step forward and open up their heart and their home for Chip so he can encounter a caring home before he bites the dust.”

Her supplication was replied by a man who saw her post and Chip’s image and realized he needed to help. The safe house posted a photograph of Chip’s new father with Chip and expressed, “Chip has been received!

Chip has spent the last 15 years at Save A Pet waiting for a home. We want to send a great big THANK YOU to the man with the BIG HEART, Jaco Rademeyer. Jaco saw Chip and knew he had to give this boy a home.”Proof positive that miracles do happen! Another story in video:

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