Despite COVID-19, Nobody Spent Bad Times Thanks To Dedicated Animal Lover

On Long Island, no one starves because of Gary Kaufman. Kaufman has been sparing creature lives since he was a child, and in 2012, he conveyed supplies to families with felines, hounds, and different creatures after

Hurricane Sandy crushed the Northeast. When he began helping creatures and their families with nourishment gifts, he forged ahead, accepting, “We Can Feed Them All”. What’s more, in 2016, those words turned into the official witticism for his creature noble cause and salvage gathering, Nobody Starves on Long Island. Furthermore, he implies it as well, telling Newsday, “Mutts, felines, guinea pigs, hares, whatever you’re taking care of over yonder, I’m going to help you somehow.”Kaufman lines his garage with heaps of gave nourishment. At that point, he takes to web based life to alarm devotees what’s accessible, empowering those in need come get the nourishment for their hungry furballs.In expansion to taking care of creatures, he’s ensuring they

get appropriate clinical consideration as well. For low-pay families with creatures requiring veterinary help, Kaufman sets up raising support pages to help get them back on their paws. On his 2-section of land property, he additionally has a creature cover set up for homeless felines and canines. There, they hang tight for their eternity homes while getting a charge out of warmed floors, cooling, and TV. These critters have a definitive set-up!Kaufman and his volunteers additionally help non domesticated feline networks, just as harmed and manhandled creatures. Right around, the creatures of Long Island have a companion in Gary Kaufman.An Already Overwhelming Task Grows Harder under a Pandemic With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

hitting the world hard, the inhabitants of Long Island are seeing difficult occasions. Between seniors who can’t go out for disease stresses to families without the pay to purchase nourishment for textured relatives, Kaufman is working twofold time, to say the very least, to be certain everyone gets took care of. In a Facebook pledge drive to fund-raise for COVID-19 alleviation, Gary stated, “Since the beginning of this insane infection the interest for help with nourishment and crisis clinical has expanded multiple times over our normal.”Nobody Starves on

Long Island has never won’t or dismissed anybody and Kaufman doesn’t plan to begin now. He and volunteers are taking gifts and as yet gathering nourishment in the midst of the risk of COVID-19. Neighborhood covers, similar to Last Chance Rescue, and nourishment creator,

Blue Buffalo, have given nourishment to his drive too. It’s not simply friend creatures keeping their guts full gratitude to Nobody Starves.Thanks to Kaufman’s partnership with Island Harvest Food Bank, the animals of wildlife rescues and farms are receiving viable produce that otherwise would have been tossed.

In an effort to say thank you, Kaufman also encourages medical staff, first responders, and those working the front lines to pick up food too. We’re all in this together and Nobody Starves on Long Island is reminding folks that it includes cats and dogs too! Another story in video:


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