Bulldog Demands To Be Petted Right Now In A Fashion Manner

Humans are not the only species that demand attention from others, animals do too. Frankie the Australian Bulldog loves to be petted, but there is only one problem about petting Frankie, once you start you cannot stop until she is ready. Frankie is a dog that knows exactly what she wants, and she is not afraid to demand what she wants.Australian, or

Aussie, Bulldogs have several other breeds within their make-up which includes English Bulldog, Boxer, Bullmastiff, and English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The mix of all these breeds create the adorable Aussie Bulldogs. I mean just look at their cute little faces!The website Dog Breed Info states that Aussie Bulldogs are, “intelligent, loving and loyal with a sound temperament. Good with children and fun-loving, this breed is

pretty easygoing. It will enjoy playing with a ball or Frisbee and loves to play or swim in water.” What they forgot to mention is that they also love to be petted, or maybe that is just Frankie.Frankie and her mom were just hanging out on the couch when she gave her a few quick rubs on her belly. She should have known that just a few rubs were not going to be enough. It did not take long for Frankie to put her paw on her mom’s hand. She knows exactly what that means by now, Frankie expected more than just a few pets.She pets her a bit longer the next time,

probably hoping that would be enough but of course it was not for Frankie. The moment she moves her hand away from her belly, Frankie is right back to her paw on her owner’s hand. Frankie’s mom is not one to deny her baby some more belly scratches.Once she starts petting her again, just watch Frankie’s face. Frankie goes right back into a comfortable

position and just basks in the rubs. Her cute face might look grumpy, but she is loving life. Well, at least until her mom stops once again and she has to get her back to the scratches.The fourth time her mom stops Frankie devises a new plan. It is not going to be a simple paw on her mom’s hand to convince her for more petting, Frankie means business this time.

Frankie uses both front paws almost like two arms to grab her mother’s hand and drag it back to her belly. Sadly, for Frankie, this plan does not keep her mother petting her for a long time.So, Frankie tries a new tactic instead of trying to grab her mom’s hand. She is going to give her mom the silent treatment. Frankie, for the first time, completely turns her head away from her mom. This seems to be the trick!

Frankie’s mom starts petting her all on her own. That is one smart Aussie Bulldog!This funny video quickly went viral and has been streamed over ten million times. Many people had a lot to say about it. Such as, “’Just a little to the left’…’Now up an inch’ LOL…Frankie, I want to SMOOCH your sweet little face… ;-)” “…..Frankie said ‘Wait, just a little more!’” “I smile and laugh with so much happiness every time I turn this clip on.”

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