Dog Makes A Cheetos Run For Her Quarantined Owner

Mexico has currently reported 367 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Like many other countries, they are shutting down non-essential businesses and restricting large gatherings. Residents presented to the infection are approached to stay in self-segregation.

Be that as it may, what’s an individual to do when a hankering strikes? One courteous fellow named Antonio Muñoz concocted a splendid method to fulfill his craving for Cheetos. Rather than breaking isolate, he sent his pooch to the corner store!According to, Mr. Muñoz was on his third day of home isolate when the longing for orange mushy scrumptiousness struck.

As opposed to reaching the local shop to inquire as to whether they convey, he enrolled the assistance of his trusty Chihuahua.Muñoz fixed the accompanying note to her neckline. The interpretation peruses: “Hi Mr. Businessperson. If you don’t mind sell my pooch some Cheetos, the orange kind, not the red ones, they’re excessively hot. She has $20 connected to her neckline.

Cautioning: She will nibble if not treated right. Your front neighbour.”Fellow hound guardians may flinch at the idea of sending such a little pooch out into the world – with cash connected to her neckline no less! The canine could have gotten casualty to endless detestable destinies, yet by one way or another she got back sound, triumphantly conveying a sack of Cheetos!

It is obscure whether the little pooch has made the short outing to the accommodation store before. Possibly she had some assistance en route, or maybe potential cheats took the admonition on her neckline to heart. Those acquainted with Chihuahuas realize they can be very cheeky on the off chance that they don’t get their direction! Whatever the conditions, the lovable pooch got back home free from any danger, having satisfied her darling proprietor’s solicitation.As if we needed yet another reason to be grateful for our dogs during this global crisis! Has your dog gone above and beyond for you during the Coronavirus quarantine? Tell us what your pooch is doing to keep you safe, happy or entertained while stuck indoors! Another story in video:

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