Oil Rig Workers Help Dog Swimming 135 Miles Off Coast of Thailand

Laborers on an oil rig out of sight ocean acted the hero of a pooch swimming in the water.

The group with Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production had no clue how the pooch wound up 135 miles (220 kilometers) off the shoreline of Thailand, yet realized they needed to spare him.

The canine was spotted swimming towards their foundation by rig laborers, says Vitisak Payalaw, a seaward organizer with Chevron.

He revealed to CNN they held out a post to the pooch however solid waves kept the canine from having the option to ascend on the apparatus’ channeling. “I imagined that in the event that we didn’t move rapidly,

I would not have the option to support him,” said Payalaw. “On the off chance that he lost his hold, it would be extremely hard to help him.”They changed tack and tossed a rope around the canine to pull him up and out of the water.

The canine’s arguing eyes made the group considerably increasingly resolved to support him and the effectively lifted him up to the stage. Once locally available, they gave the canine water and named him Boonrod, which signifies “survivor”.

Boonrod was depleted and fell and rested and was thought about by the laborers until they could mastermind him to be moved to Dog Smile House, a creature salvage.


Boonrod is an aspin, a native breed of dog to the Philippines.Payalaw said that if no one comes forward to reclaim Boonrod he plans on adopting him.What an incredible story of survival! We’re so happy Boonrod survived and is now in safe hands. More footage of Boonrod’s rescue can be seen in the video below.


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