FedEx Driver ‘Hand-Deliver’ Family Their Lost Dog

With a name like Catcher, this ornery pup was pretty much doomed from the start. Because “catch her” is exactly what one FedEx driver did after he found the pooch getting her jollies outside, with no leash or puppy parent in sight!

He could have just called the local animal shelter on the hapless little runaway, but true to his job description, this guy was keen on hand delivering the special package back to her home address.Lisa Menzies was out of town with her husband when the couple’s 3-year-old golden retriever went on the lam.


It happened directly after a secretive breeze blew open the front entryway, and the pooch out of nowhere wound up in a “pick your own experience” game! She was at a junction and had a significant choice to make: would she say she would be a decent young lady and remain at home, or be an awful pooch and fled? Obviously, any puppers would be distraught not to accept the open door to investigate the world outside. So what Catcher did next wasn’t completely unexpected!Footage from a

Ring doorbell camera plainly shows Catcher sneaking out of the family’s home in Castle Pines, Colorado. She could be seen making a couple of speculative strides towards the yard before vanishing around the bend and into the incredible enormous unknown!Now, entryways don’t ordinarily simply swing open with the main breeze that comes thumping, so in a meeting with KDVR, Lisa immediately clarified how something like this could even occur.

“We were completing a few fixes on the house. Our contractual worker left to go to lunch and shut the front entryway, and the breeze blew the entryway open while I was gone, and Catcher escaped.”Catcher has taken in a ton of doggy deceives throughout the years, however the one stunt she would never fully ace was The Great Escape. The inquisitive pooch simply needed to see a greater amount of the world, possibly get a tattoo of a butterfly, and maybe explore different avenues regarding sniffing a lot of various fire hydrants.

In any case, tragically for her, she didn’t get much of anywhere. The moronic adults throughout her life put a quick stop to those plans!No one truly comprehends what sort of difficulty the retriever got herself into before she was captured, however yapping up an inappropriate FedEx truck was unquestionably the greatest error she made. Lisa had no clue that Catcher had even gotten away until she got a content from the driver, who discovered her number on the canine’s neckline.

“He just stated, ‘I discovered your pooch, and the location on her tag is the place I’m going to take her’ and afterward he put her in the house with such care.”Look at that face! Catcher had actually been caught in the act, and it completely appeared. Lisa was close to herself with chuckling when she saw the FedEx driver conveying the large blonde pooch in his arms. He appeared as though a man of the hour whisking ceaselessly his lady of the hour on their big day! “Seeing him convey her into the house like that … in my mind, I was thinking about the signature tune from the Titanic.

He was taking such care and love with her that it was really amusing.”Once Catcher safe inside the house, Lisa monitored the Ring doorbell cam to make sure she was only up to her usual tricks, like frolicking on the floor with a tennis ball in her mouth. “He interrupted his day and his package delivery schedule to pick her up and hand-carry her into our home and lock the door behind him. I don’t want to think about where else she could have ended up.”

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