Dancing Dog Raises The Bar On Internet Challenge

Many people have attempted the latest internet dance challenge and have done a fabulous job, Yet, no one has done “The Git Up Challenge” better than Kronos. Kronos the CowDog that is!The Git Up Challenge is a move put on the map from Blanco Brown. Blanco Brown is the artist of the tune “The Git Up.” Blanco Brown sings explicit moves all through the melody.

He even moved his own instructional exercise on the most ideal approach to do “The Git Up.”The world tolerating this as the new move fever and a considerable number of people have contributed their own move accounts to The Git Up Challenge. In reality, even Keke Palmer, Michael Strahan, and Sarah Haines played out their own adjustment on their Good Morning America section.

It really transformed into a general marvel. To be sure, even police and neighborhood gatherings of firemen got in on The Git Up Challenge!Kronos the CowDog was not going anyone outperform him be that as it may and expected to get in on the new move challenge. Kronos isn’t one to maintain a strategic distance from his time in the spotlight.

Kronos the CowDog is an American Top Dog Model finalist. He was similarly a semi-finalist for the Hallmark Channel’s, “Best in Rescue.” Kronos’ coach, Tiffany from Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs, arranged Kronos for the move just as was the videographer for the move too.Kronos’ planning is perfect and was flawless to wrap The Git Up Challenge.

Instead of getting a sweetheart, Kronos started the move by grabbing his nibble toy. Kronos is focusing progressing challenge very and is guaranteeing he hits each move that Blanco Brown sings, “Take it to the other side now and plunge with it Gon’ hurl down take a taste with it And lean back put your hips in it (Woooo Whoooo Whoooooouuu) Let’s make some incredible memories” It is so beguiling when Blanco sings to take a preference for light of the way that Kronos removes a taste and not from his water bowl. Kronos the CowDog is taking a taste straightforwardly from a coffee mug!

Kronos knows between his left and right paws also considering the way that he is lifting the right paw at each sign. Kronos is appearing as if a specialist craftsman with his precise move moves. Numerous individuals can’t plunge as low as Kronos can get. He is plunging truly low, much the same as the move challenge needs.

Great job, Kronos the CowDog.Kronos’s favorite part might be when Blanco Brown sings, “Do the butterfly have a good time Round, round, round and round you go It’s time to show out right now and take to the floor” Kronos is a pro at turning it round and round. If you thought his dip was super cute from earlier, just wait until you see how Kronos takes it down. Kronos goes all the way down to the floor!

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