Sneaky Dog Runs Off To Neighbor’s Every Day And Gives Mom Attitude When She Comes To Get Her

While most of Brittany Young’s YouTube videos are of her vocal performances, her most popular by far is one of her dog, Daisy May. It was posted nearly 7 years ago, back in May of 2013, but it’s still getting comments and it has now been viewed over 1.4 million times.

It’s protected to state Daisy May has circulated around the web. Also, YouTube has gone to the mutts, very literally.You see, Daisy May has a significant disposition – and the delightful Boxer isn’t reluctant to set up a whine when she doesn’t get her direction.

Youthful and her family should live truly out of sight the nation since when their pooch “flees to the neighbor’s” they need a vehicle to go get her. Also, it is anything but an irrelevant commute home! Holy cow, Daisy May!

At any rate she’s getting some genuine exercise during the time spent fleeing. Presently, we don’t know who the Boxer’s companion is, yet all we find out of sight when her mother goes to get her is a pony – and we suppose she was besties with a horse, Young wouldn’t have left that part out.As the runaway bounces into the vehicle at her mom’s order, she promptly begins snarfing and snorting her dismay. A portion of her practices – particularly the yawning – may be signs that she’s simply wrapped up a great deal of fun or is even somewhat on edge about stumbling into some difficulty.

Be that as it may, in any event, when she attempts to cover her head, mother is extremely kind as she discloses to her puppy that that is basically not her house.What the family most needs to know is the reason she’s never again remaining at home with her younger sibling, Mac. She used to always follow him home because they’re friends. We hate to break it to you, mom – but Mac appears to be in the seat beside Daisy and it’s clear that this sister feels like she’s WAY too cool to play with him these days. She sniffs at him and looks the other way. Like, eww.

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