Dog Is Billy Joel Fan, And Keeps Singing

Who doesn’t love Billy Joel? Although he’s had a long string of hits, one, in particular, stands out in everyone’s mind — Piano Man. What you might not know is that he wrote this song based on his life experiences. The words discuss his time filling in as a parlor artist in Los Angeles during his initial years. Tired of playing little, off the beaten path scenes, Joel decided to pull out all the stops.

What’s more, kid, did he. Individuals around the globe love his music. What makes it so incredible is that while every one of his melodies have a commonplace sound, they’re every novel in that they recount to an alternate story.

In any case, it’s not simply individuals who love this melody. One canine demonstrated he’s Billy Joel’s main fan. In a video that has been flowed around the web, this little guy wouldn’t simply like to tune in, he likewise needs to perform. All through the 41 second video, watchers are completely engaged. Alexa kicks it off In the video, you see a lovely canine all nestled into the lounge chair. He’s sound snoozing and cool as a cucumber. At that point, the proprietor advises Alexa to play, what else?

Piano Man. The moment the puppy hears the craftsman stimulating the ivories, his ears liven up. At that point, he lifts his whole head off the lounge chair to investigate at Alexa.He needs to make it a two part harmony Almost promptly, the pooch lets out a whimpering sound. All things considered, wouldn’t Piano Man be better in the event that it was a two part harmony rather than a performance piece? All things considered, he suspects as much.

Presently completely wakeful, he’s giving close consideration to the music. It’s so adorable.The harmonica truly made him go At the sound of the harmonica playing, the puppy returns his head down on the lounge chair and lets free. He’s working admirably “singing” along to the tune. I get the inclination this little guy has been a Billy Joel fan for a long time.


He does his best Billy Joel pantomime With each new harmony, the pooch gets into the demonstration significantly more. At a certain point, he lifts his head high while singing his little heart out. He should just prefer to sing and not move since his body position on the lounge chair never shows signs of change. Be that as it may, he thinks carefully to communicate thoroughly enjoy tuning in to Piano Man.This pooch’s a genuine entertainer As the music proceeds, so does his singing. He at that point goes to look straight into the camera however without missing a note. Taking a gander at his wonderful eyes, you can tell he’s truly into the music.

We’ve all observed recordings of singing mutts however this present one’s up there as well as anyone.Maybe he has a future in show business I can just see it now. Billy Joel taking the stage when a gorgeous dog joins him. Then, the two of them give the audience the performance of a lifetime. Okay, maybe not, but if Billy Joel saw this video, I think he’d feel honored and proud.

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