Dad Wants To Leave The Park, And Boxer Wants To Stay

A dog park is a great place to bring your pup. It provides much-needed exercise and entertainment for your pup, and some dogs LOVE them. That certainly is the case for this silly girl.

She can’t get enough of the dog park — and so her dad gets more than enough of an earful from her when he decides to leave early.

This silly Boxer wants Dad to understand that leaving early is UNACCEPTABLE and she will not stand for it. To say she reads him the riot act is a gross understatement.

A canine park is an incredible spot to bring your little guy. It gives truly necessary exercise and excitement for your little guy, and a few mutts LOVE them. That positively is the situation for this senseless young lady.

She can’t get enough of the canine park — thus her father gets all that could possibly be needed of an earful from her when he chooses to leave early. This senseless Boxer needs Dad to comprehend that leaving early is UNACCEPTABLE and she won’t represent it.

To state she reprimands him is a gross modest representation of the truth.

She seems like a human high school young lady griping about not being permitted to go out to see the films with her companions. It’s so clever!

“Be that as it may, Dad only 10 additional minutes! Please pleeeeeeeeeease! Daaaaaaaaaad!” It’s too simple to even think about putting human words to her wails and barks. We are happy to such an extent that this cheerful dad recorded his daughter’s “fit.”

Maybe next time she’ll get the opportunity to remain those additional 10 minutes at the canine park. We trust so! Look down to watch this delightful busybody in real life.

She sounds like a human teenage girl complaining about not being allowed to go to the movies with her friends. It’s so funny! “But Dad just 10 more minutes! Come on pleeeeeeeeeease! Daaaaaaaaaad!”

It’s almost too easy to put human words to her howls and barks. We are so glad that this happy papa recorded his little girl’s “temper tantrum.” Maybe next time she’ll get to stay those extra 10 minutes at the dog park. We hope so! Scroll down to watch this adorable drama queen in action.

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