Big Man Switched His Mindset From Big Dogs To Chihuahuas

Being a quite huge person himself, Bobby Humphreys has constantly possessed enormous breed pooches, for example, Rottweilers. In the event that you asked him back, at that point on the off chance that he could ever have a little pooch like a Chihuahua, he’d most likely chuckle.

At some point, Bobby’s life went to a dramatic stop when his 17-year marriage reached a conclusion. He was totally crushed and even had contemplations of suicide.

Thankfully, he had a decent companion named Connie to help him through this dim time. At that point one day the ball was in his court to give back in kind. Connie was moving and required somebody to take in her Chihuahua, Lady, for a brief period. Humphreys was never excessively attached to Chihuahuas, yet he realized he needed to support his companion.

He consented to take her in, and a lot shockingly, both of them reinforced very quickly.Lady would creep right onto his lap and was such a cherishing and well disposed little guy. Yet, that is the thing.

Woman as a rule wasn’t care for this with individuals. Connie was astounded by the amount Lady preferred Humphreys. At the point when it was the ideal opportunity for Lady to live with Connie once more, Humphreys felt forlorn without a little pooch. He at that point chose to embrace his very own Chihuahua, named Kira.


Kira had experienced a great deal in her life, and Humphreys helped her trust individuals once more. However, Kira wasn’t the main little guys Humphreys made a difference. He protected another Chihuahua named Harley from Petfinder, alongside her sister Quinn.He wound up taking in so many Chihuahuas that he decided to start his own animal rescue group: Big Guy, Littles World Sanctuary.

Since his start, he has rescued more than 30 Chihuahuas from deplorable conditions and abusive homes. Once they are healed and rehabilitated, he finds the perfect forever families to adopt them.

Some funny moments about chihuahuas.

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