Stray Puppy Is Ignored By Everyone, Except Group Of Animal Rescuers

This little puppy was all alone in a busy marketplace in Sri Lanka, but through sheer will, perseverence, and of course cuteness, she battled her way into finding herself a forever home.In the city of Nuwela Eliya, the coldest in Sri Lanka, this puppy was trying to attract the attention of anyone she could. Running alongside people, wagging her tail, and doing anything for a little affection.

Although the marketplace sees thousands of people passing through it every day, no one was paying her any notice. The team at Elephant Nature Park noticed her and went over to give her some affection: “Our team stopped to pat her for awhile, but we also were in a rush to go. She began to follow us, and quite far, until we lifted her up and returned her to where we first met her.

She followed us again and again.” No matter how many times they took her back and walked away, she followed after them determinedly.The determined little pup refused to give up once she’d found some people that showed they cared.

The team were part of an elephant rescue organization whose work focuses on projects rescuing elephants across Asia, and part of their work has also involved dog rescue.

Being unable to see this puppy on the streets, Lek and her team started asking passersby if they could take her in: “We decided to ask people who walked past to adopt her, to take responsibility for her care.

When they saw that she was female, they lost interest.” Seeing that the dog was female and likely to have puppies, many people turned away. So the team scooped her up and took her with them.

The stray pup welcomed all the cuddles, warmth, and love the team gave her.They took her back to their hotel room where Lek bathed and dried her.

They bought her a new blanket and created a makeshift bed for her to sleep in that night, probably the first night of comfort she had ever experienced. But still there was the issue of where she was going to find a home.

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