Man Wins Bet With Friend Getting All 16 Dachshunds To ‘Sit Pretty’ On Steps

In the event that you’ve at any point pondered whether some place in the boundlessness of the Internet, there’s an ideal shot of 16 wiener like great young men – we have some uplifting news for you.

We as a whole love dachshunds for what it’s worth – and believe it or not, who wouldn’t – yet this cute shot simply made our hearts skirt a beat. In it, you can see 16 (truly, you read that right) wiener doggies, impeccably arranged two by two, acting like on the off chance that they’re in Vogue and their lease’s expected tomorrow.As hound proprietors, we realize how precarious it tends to be to take the ideal image of our pooches. All things considered, envision that however with 16 pooches!

Limited’s companion wager him he couldn’t get every one of the 16 of his Dachshunds to “sit lovely” on the means for a photograph. Also, we’re generally improved off for it! Liam Beach, 19, disclosed to Dachshunds Daisy, Lottie, Dudley, Wallie, Diamond, Ruby, Benjie, Buster, Bonnie, Ziggy, Sammy, Kizzy, Kiki, Zac, Saffie, and Duke to “remain” on the stairs. He at that point utilized a tennis ball to stand out enough to be noticed and began snapping photos.The glad canine father told the media, “It took me eight minutes altogether.

I coordinated myself. I put each canine on the stairs and guided them to ‘remain.’ Then I used a squeaky tennis ball to get their attention and clicked away on the camera.”Already with an Animal Management degree, Liam wants to own his own grooming shop one day. And he seems to be the perfect person to handle such a business! Oh, and as the winner of the bet, a tasty box of chocolates is all his.



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