Thief In Shelter Steals $750 Worth Of Dog And Cat Food

On a Sunday morning, the staff at Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire appeared at an exceptionally pitiful sight. The sanctuary had been broken into, and the majority of the pet nourishment was no more. They gauge 65 sacks (about $750 worth) of gave feline nourishment and pooch nourishment was taken.

The hoodlum was gotten on camera, and they shared the reconnaissance video trusting he would be identified.The given pet nourishment is conveyed by the sanctuary to nourishment wash rooms and individuals battling to bring home the bacon. How someone could steal from the needy is just beyond comprehension. Only one small bag of cat food remained.

But the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire posted a press release on Facebook, and that’s when things started to take a turn for the better. Before their story could even hit the local news, cars were lining up in the parking lot with donations!

“The community response was amazing,” Monica Zulauf (president and CEO) told The Dodo. “It was a steady stream of everything — from toddlers carrying little bags of cat treats to families who had picked up full bags of pet food.” Situations like this show the power of social media and the loving side of humanity. For every thief, there are so many more people willing to give unselfishly.

It’s amazing to know that the people and pets who need the food will get it. And the shelter said the food donations kept on rolling in! There are always other ways to donate or help out, not only to the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire, but at your local shelters as well.

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