Woman Discovers She Has Past Connection To Dog Who Shows Up In Her Yard

Kate Howard was having a harsh day until she a pooch meandered by her yard and “thudded down” on her grass. Kate was “getting a charge out of the daylight and the remainder of my three day weekend subsequent to coming back from the commemoration administration of a companion who kicked the bucket very soon” when the pooch and her proprietor halted at her home.

Kate, the overseeing editorial manager at the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, had quite recently moved into the home a couple of months back. She saw there was something inquisitive about the pooch. She shared what ended up being an endearing story on Twitter.

Kate noted the dog was “charming”, albeit stubborn as the friendly dog didn’t want to move, even when her owner called for her. That’s when Kate heard the woman call the dog “Winnie.”

“Winnie?” Kate thought. She instantly recalled the puppy she fostered a year ago who was also named Winnie. She cared for the puppy and after Winnie was spayed and then put up for adoption, Kate continued to wonder about the pup. “I cried for three days after she was spayed and went up for adoption, worrying about whether she had found a good home,” she explained on Twitter.

Kate asked the woman whether the dog had the name Winnie when she adopted her and the woman responded “yes”. She also told Kate she had adopted the dog last November. “By then, I was practically leaping off the porch screaming. I FOSTERED THIS DOGGGGGG,” tweeted Kate.

Kate filled Winnie’s adoptive mom in on all that had transpired when she fostered the dog and she learned that the woman had recently lost a dog. She had made it a point to line up to adopt Winnie as soon as she had seen a picture on the shelter’s website.



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