Dog At A Gas Station Has Been Loyally Waiting For His Family For 4-Years

Leo the pooch has been liquefying hearts everywhere throughout the world with his mind-boggling dedication toward his proprietors. Poor people canine was evidently abandoned at a corner store crossing point in Khon Kaen, Thailand. He has been persistently sitting tight for his proprietors at the convergence for as far back as 4 years.A 45-year-old neighborhood lady named Saowalak saw Leo’s ongoing pausing. At that point, Leo was slight and powerless with injuries all over his body.

Saowalak began bringing him nourishment and water each day. She even took him home a few times, yet Leo would consistently escape and come back to his holding up spot. Saowalak’s heart harms at Leo’s miserable situation, and she can sit idle however feed him consistently. We should do our part and offer the account of Leo’s enduring dependability with the goal that this hopeful kid discovers his family soon. Spread the news.

Update: Thanks to the magic of social media, Leo’s owners have been found! Leo, who is actually named BonBon, is the missing dog of 64-year-old Nang Noi Sittisarn and her husband. They lost BonBon when they were driving back home after visiting their daughter, and had no clue where he was or if he was safe. Nang Noi broke down in tears when she finally reunited with BonBon.

But in a surprising twist, BobBon refused to follow Nang Noi home! As it turns out, BonBon had grown too fond of Saowalak, his caretaker for the past 4 years, and didn’t want to leave her. Saowalak gladly agreed to adopt him and Nang Noi also decided to honor BonBon’s choice. This story sure took us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions!

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