Dog Escapes Yard To Play With Skunk He Befriended

A couple in Western Maryland could hardly believe their eyes when a neighbor told them their dog was playing with a skunk and had video to prove it. Redditor jsgornall shared the adorable, yet surprising, clip along with some details of how Oliver, a Yorkshire Terrier/Jack Russell mix, came out smelling just fine.

“So… .Was woke up early today to my significant other disclosing to me that Oliver, our pooch, got out and was playing with a skunk!!! I would’ve never trusted it until I went out to look at the opening he overcame and he was playing with the skunk AGAIN!! Fortunately the neighbors got a video,” jsgornall composed. Note: Click on the picture underneath to begin playing the video on the off chance that it doesn’t auto-play.

It’s astonishing to see Oliver and the skunk playing a round of pursue with each other! The skunk doesn’t manifest any of the non-verbal communication that a frightened skunk would, in addition to the skunk didn’t splash Oliver. “No splash by any means! He attempted to return to play a couple time,” jsgornall said of Oliver. “Doesn’t appear as though this is their first experience,” he included in a remark reddit. Oliver kept on hanging out by the fence searching for his skunk companion.

The skunk likewise needed to keep on playing since “it tailed him after we isolated them! Needed to play more I surmise,” jsgornall uncovered. It appears as though Oliver has an exceptional path with skunks in light of the fact that jsgornall shared that his two different canines have been splashed when they met skunks a couple of years back. “It is sooo very different than the smell of one out there or one that got hit in the street,” he said of skunk shower. “One [of my other dogs] got it in the mouth! I inclined down to check her and started wildly regurgitating in the carport. It was ghastly, and the entire time my significant other was multiplied over chuckling on the opposite side of the glass entryway.” For those concerned, jsgornall needs to promise everybody that Oliver is modern on the entirety of his inoculations (counting rabies).

Oliver’s encounter is very unusual! If your dog ever does get sprayed, tips for de-skunking your dog can be found here.

So….Was woke up this morning to my wife telling me that Oliver, our dog, got out and was playing with a skunk!!! I would’ve never believed it until I went out to check the hole he got out through and he was playing with the skunk AGAIN!! Luckily the neighbors got a video! from aww

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