Bird Tries To Snatch Dog

A pup named Sugarfoot was very amped up for her park date with mother, Natalaya Hines, in Pennsylvania. Be that as it may, their fun time immediately transformed into a bad dream when a mammoth fowl chose to go after the small Sugarfoot.This video was taken by Natalaya after she had settled down in the recreation center.

She was getting a charge out of the perspective on her little puppy skipping around in the grass and chose to film her canine’s jokes, when abruptly the mammoth winged animal swoops directly in, pointing directly at Sugarfoot. The modest pooch frenzies and starts running for her life at max throttle. Our hearts truly stop as we see the tremendous winged animal draw nearer to Sugarfoot, prepared to jump on the poor canine.

Notwithstanding, the feathered creature loses enthusiasm for the pup in the wake of having a more critical take a gander at her! When Natalaya understood the gravity of the circumstance, the feathered creature had just abandoned the puppy!The poor young doggie was still frightened and rushed to Natalaya for solace.

Natalaya stroked the scared young lady with adoration and consoled her that she was protected. Before long, Sugarfoot had returned to her energetic self as she dashed toward the field for some more play time. Now, that was a close call, wasn’t it? Click the video below to watch the nerve-racking moments as the big birdie tried to prey on little Sugarfoot!

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