Dog doesn’t want to leave his owner

As a pooch proprietor, I will always be unable to comprehend how individuals can dump and repudiate their textured companions and afterward continue living not surprisingly.

The insignificant idea of my puppy being separated from everyone else or terrified fills me with a fear I can’t clarify. I would never, could never place him in that position readily. Obviously, a large number of mutts are offered over to covers each day, which likens to a great many canines being set in a frightening new condition without the nearness of the individual they adore most on the planet. One such hound, 7-year-old Shadow, caught consideration when he was taken to a sanctuary in California by his family. The Facebook post shared by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs read: “My previous family who possessed me needed to surrender me since they experienced difficulty containing me.”

And, as if the act of dumping Shadow wasn’t bad enough, things got worse. When the time came for the family to leave Shadow, the poor dog tried to desperately cling to his owner. He sensed something was wrong, and did everything he could not to be left on his home. Sadly, despite his best efforts, Shadow joined the rest of the dogs waiting for new forever homes at the shelter.


Just imagine how it must feel to be a dog who is left by the only family he or she has ever known. One day, you’re packed into a car with all your belongings, driven to an unfamiliar place that smells of other dogs, and then left all on your own with no explanation. Perhaps you think your owner will be back soon – they’ve left you home alone before – or perhaps you think that there’s been some mistake, that your owner will turn around, realize you’re not there and return for you. Shadow might have thought all of those things. One thing’s for sure, he certainly knew that he didn’t wan to be apart from his owner, making it all the more devastating to watch.

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