Pit Bull Pretends To Faint To Avoid Getting Her Nails Clipped

In the event that there was an honor for “Best Acting By A Dog To Avoid Grooming” at that point this adorable Pit Bull would take top prize. The pooch named Ginger flaunted her sensational ability in a video that is making its rounds on the Internet.

In it, Ginger can be sitting before a young lady. She is very polite yet begins to look somewhat vigilant about what will happen when she gives her the nail scissors. She requests her paw however she needs some persuading to agree. Actually, the lady needs to lift Ginger’s paw since she will not move. She should realize what’s coming in light of the fact that when she starts cutting, she keeps on looking profoundly incredulous about the entire thing.

And after that it jumps out at her that there may simply be an approach to quit the awkward nail cutting – she can claim to black out. Significantly feigning exacerbation and gradually falling in reverse, Ginger winds up on her back with her legs amusingly spread noticeable all around.

In case you think she might be actually be fainting, Ginger has her eyes open the entire time and gives dad (the cameraman) a side eye, as if hinting to him that he’s ruining his act. The video was posted to Reddit and then Twitter and has garnered over 9 million views. It seems Ginger may not be fooling anyone, but everyone loves her performance.


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