Baby Poops In His Onesie, The Dog Decides To Get Out of There Quick

No one likes a fart to the face. But I don’t care who you are, there’s something that’s downright hilarious about a baby fart. Except when you’re the sleeping dog curled up 10″ away from said baby’s butt.

This video had me dying as this cute little baby squeezes off his best fart ever only to rudely awaken his furry friend next to him. The dog reacts just the way a big brother would have! He gives the baby a dirty look then leaps off the couch as fast as he can to safety. It’s priceless! I think I replayed this one about four times because it’s so funny.

This video made them color as this charming little child crushes off his best fart ever just to inconsiderately stir his hairy companion beside him. The canine responds only the manner in which an older sibling would have! He gives the child a filthy look at that point jumps off the lounge chair as quick as he can to security. It’s inestimable! I think I replayed this one about four times since it’s so entertaining.

Watch this video to see this dog’s reaction to the intrusion. You’ll be laughing right there with me no doubt. Not to mention, this baby is like the cutest thing ever.

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