Dad Teaches Dog To Supervise Daughter As She Does Her Homework

A dad in south-west China has thought of an inventive method to prevent his little girl from getting diverted while getting her work done. The man chose to prepare their pet crossbreed to ‘oversee’ the school young lady while she thinks of her schoolwork at their home in Guiyang, Guizhou territory as she wouldn’t quit seeing her telephone.

Cute film demonstrates the cream-shaded pooch remaining on its rear legs, drifting carefully over the student as she finishes her assignments on an espresso in southern China’s Guizhou area trained the family hound, Riceball, to look out for and oversee his girl as she gets her work done. She would consistently wind up diverted and play on her telephone when attempting to do her work, however never again!

It all started when the dad, Xu Liang, taught the dog to guard food from the cat. That’s when he got the idea. Xu Xinya actually doesn’t mind it though as she realizes it helps her get her work done. She says it’s not as boring as doing her homework alone, and it feels like she has a classmate! Riceball’s responsibilities are expanding as she’s now learning to supervise her sister’s piano lessons! The girl was 8 years old when Riceball joined the family, and she’s now 11 and the dog is 3 years old. They’ve grown up together and have an amazing bond that allows this to even be possible.

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