Tiny Chihuahua Protects The Kittens From Big Dog

Charlie the Chihuahua cherishes being a defensive father to his encourage little cats. He not just guarantees that they are sheltered consistently, but at the same time is prepared to set up a battle at whatever point he feels the little cats are being “bullied”.Roxie, then again, is a ridiculous huge canine who additionally lives with Charlie and the cats, however sadly, the cats won’t draw close to her as they are threatened by her relentless size.

Poor Roxie doesn’t get this and she continues attempting to approach the slight cats to play with them. In this video, we see Roxie in another of her endeavors to win a play date with the little cats. As she rushes at the little cats and skips around them in energy, the frightened cats grovel in dread and raced to father Charlie for some assistance. Charlie remains in to shield his little cats from Roxie, and begins prevailing upon her to quit terrifying the cats.When Roxie refuses to listen, Charlie’s anger is unleashed.

He bravely throws himself on Roxie and tackles her down until she concedes. We feel sorry for Roxie but we totally understand why Charlie chooses to keep the fragile kittens away from her. We hope the kittens grow up soon so that they are strong enough to play with Roxie! Click the video below to watch Charlie’s brave attempts to keep his foster kittens safe and secure!

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