Jealous Great Dane Confronts Mom For Getting New Puppy

With regards to adoring his mother, Bagira the Great Dane realizes that nobody cherishes her more than him. Bagira, alongside his canine kin, was carrying on with an ecstatic existence with mother Lindsey Heinz, until the day she chose to bring home another small puppy.As apparent from this video, Bagira is only frantic with desire.

He supposes he is a major kid who can’t contend with the heart-softening charm of a little young doggie. This fair makes him extremely upset and he chooses to demonstrate Lindsay that he can be a charming and cuddly infant as well. Along these lines, when Lindsay is petting the new hide ball in her arms, Bagira too attempts to roost on her like a small doggie!

He attempts to paw his way in, yet rather, Lindsay gives him a brief answer saying – “I can pet him as well… It’s not about you!” Bagira is squashed yet doesn’t down from his endeavors to stand up to mom.Bagira’s other kin likewise sneaks out of sight, apparently unaffected by Bagira and Mom’s little tussle. He senses the room’s heavy atmosphere and tries to break the fight with a cuddle, but Bagira’s envy-fueled temper doesn’t seem to be easing anytime soon. We really hope Lindsay pets him soon to assure him that she still loves him the most!

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