Deaf Dog Can’t Hear Soldier Dad Coming After Being Apart For Way Too Long

Noelle, a hard of hearing Terrier blend, is the best of companions with her father. So when he needed to leave for his Army preparing mission, it was hard for the them two to be separated. In any case, her proprietor’s companion made the time separated somewhat less unpleasant by viewing Noelle for him while he was no more.

His companion volunteers at pet appropriation occasions each end of the week, so she took Noelle with her to a selection occasion at PetSmart so her father could lift her up there when he returned home.

Clearly Noelle couldn’t hear her dad coming, anyway once she saw him, she stood up in her compartment and begin influencing her tail. This was the moment she had been keeping it together so long for.

When she was let out of her carton, she bounced on her father and covered him with kisses. Her response is invaluable and it is so evident the amount she adores her father and the other way around!


Obviously Noelle couldn’t hear her father coming, however once she saw him, she stood up in her container and start swaying her tail. This was the minute she had been hanging tight so long for.

As soon as she was let out of her crate, she jumped on her dad and smothered him with kisses. Her reaction is priceless and it is so obvious how much she loves her dad and vice versa!

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