Mailman Befriends Dog On Route Before It Passes

Things being what they are, canines and mailpeople CAN be companions. Chris Cimino’s old pooch Gretchen set aside some effort to get used to everybody in her life after she was embraced in 2013. He told “Great Morning America” a week ago that while the little guy was “sweet as can be,” she was additionally “lovely standoff-ish.” “Her question of pretty much everybody outside of the family was entirely clear,” Cimino said.

Enter postal carrier Fernando Barboza, a deep rooted pooch darling who warmed up to each canine on his route.While Gretchen was at first sketchy around him, Barboza didn’t surrender. He carried her treats with the mail and made a point to get out a welcome to her each opportunity he went to the house. “… he was really diligent … he would call her name and she began anticipating it.

Notwithstanding when he didn’t have any bundles to convey to the entryway he would drive by and state, ‘Hello Gretchen,'” Cimino said. In the long run, Gretchen would get up and sit tight for Barboza at the entryway at whatever point she heard the mail truck.Sadly, the sweet German Shepherd passed away following quite a while of fellowship and Cimino couldn’t force himself to let Barboza know face to face.

That is the point at which he got a plan to leave him a unique note. The Monday after Gretchen’s passing, Barboza saw that the family had active mail, yet when he checked the crate, he found a ziplock sack containing pooch treats and a note. “Gretchen passed away yesterday. She requested that I inquire as to whether you would share her treats that she never got the chance to complete with different canines on your course. She generally delighted in observing you go to the entryway and was constantly glad to get a nibble from you.”

Barboza posted a tribute to Gretchen on his Facebook page: “Found out that one of my buddies on my route passed away…Gretchen was a huge German shepherd but she was a huge teddy bear, I am going to miss her ”

And he has indeed carried out the family’s wishes for Gretchen. He told The Dodo that he’s been delivering the treats to other dogs on his route: “I’ve been giving out her treats to the dogs on my route every day. And when I do, I always say, ‘This is from Gretchen.’”It’s a bittersweet ending for everyone involved. Barboza said he’s happy to see Gretchen’s treats making the other dogs along his route so happy, despite his sadness. Meanwhile, Cimino, who is still mourning his dog said that while she wasn’t always fond of other people, Gretchen did love other dogs. “I know that she would have wanted her favorite things that she couldn’t finish to go to her friends.”

The sad but sweet story went viral immediately after Barboza’s daughter posted Cimino’s note to Twitter along with a photo of the bag of treats. In less than 10 days it’s been like 874k times and retweeted by more than 186k accounts! As one might expect, it brought more than a few readers to tears.

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