He Lived A Life Of Sorrow On The Streets, But Fate Led Him Down A Royal Path

At the point when Hope For Paws Rescuers were driving once again from a salvage, they ran over another stray canine who needed assistance. Decisively, rescuers JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick halted to support the poor little guy. By his squalid, tangled appearance, clearly he had been living in the city for a long while. If not for his old, filthy neckline, rescuers would have imagined that he lived in the city his entire life.

Apparently, he used to belong to someone, but his collar had no tags. Rescuers distracted him with some food while they gently put the leash on him. Once they secured him, they put him in their car and drove around the neighborhood to see if anyone in the area knew who he belonged to. People recognized him as a neighborhood stray, so it was assumed at this point that he did not have a family, and that the only home he knew was the streets.

In some areas, people just accept that some dogs are “the neighborhood strays,” but these dogs deserve so much more than that. Luckily, this dog’s life was about to change. Rescuers named him Prince Harry and brought him back to their clinic for some royal treatment. Not only was he dirty and matted, but he was also covered in tons of ticks and had a tooth infection. They removed the ticks, gave him a much-needed bath, and removed the canine tooth that was infected.

From there, he was taken in by LA Animal Rescue, where he awaits his forever home. Six weeks after his rescue, Harry looks like a brand new dog and is so happy and playful.

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