Stray Dogs Show Up To Funeral Of The Woman Who Used To Feed Them

Margarita Suarez was known for being compassionate to every animal she ever met. She would feed stray dogs that showed up to her door every morning and took food with her just in case she ran into a stray while out and about. And when she passed away, something truly remarkable happened. Family members were stunned when stray dogs showed up to the funeral home.

Margarita Suarez was known for being sympathetic to each creature she at any point met. She would encourage stray pooches that appeared at her entryway each morning and took nourishment with her fair in the event that she kept running into a stray while all over the place. Furthermore, when she passed away, something genuinely momentous occurred. Relatives were paralyzed when stray canines appeared at the burial service home.

They came right up near her body to pay respect to the lady who once took care of them.

She made many dog friends this way, and now they were mourning for her.

The funeral home staff was confused and didn’t know what to do but soon realized what was going on and decided to let the dogs stay.

“In pain, they jumped for joy, it was wonderful,” Margarita’s daughter said.

What an amazing, special moment. It just shows how smart dogs are and how much they appreciate their caretakers. They are, after all, Man’s Best Friend.

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